Six criteria

Sat Jul 4 11:34:08 PDT 1998

I thank Mr. Schulze for posting his suggested list of 6 criteria.

I note that with any reform method there will be polls before the election and
that there is some percentage of mindless voters who will follow the orders of
certain candidates/ party bosses on how to vote (as in the recent Northern
Ireland Assembly p.r. election).

However, any reform method must operate on how the voters actually vote and
NOT on some theoretical (a) additional number of voters, (b) missing number of
voters and/or (c) changed preferences.     Doing such theoretical things is
like counting only part of the votes in an election (such as counting the
votes in 60 percent of the precincts) and then adding or subtracting votes and
then being surprised at the nominally strange results.

Thus, I must unfortunately say that certain criteria are totally irrelevant in
getting the *most correct* majority (for a single winner election) or the
*most correct* set (for multi-person legislative, executive or judicial

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