Smallest YES tiebreaker

Sun Jul 5 11:34:39 PDT 1998

As I have mentioned many times, I suggest that there be a YES/NO vote on each
candidate in elections for executive and judicial offices along with number
voting (1, 2, etc) on each choice (since number voting by itself does NOT show
any approval whatever- all of the choices might be unacceptable to some

Only the YES majority candidates would go head to head using the number votes.
Such YES/NO vote is a form of Approval/Disapproval voting.

Another circular tiebreaker--
Eliminate the candidate (or remaining candidate) in a tie with the smallest
YES majority vote and recheck the head to head math to see if there is a
Condorcet winner among the remaining candidates. 

Example - 100 voters, 10 candidates, 6 get YES majorities, 1 of the 6 is a
Condorcet loser, 5 candidates in a circular tie-- 

YES votes
B  56
D  63
F  59
M  53
T  54
M would lose, relook at the B,D,F,T head to head math

The 3 choice circular tie might be deemed a special case.

On faith only I will presume that even low intelligence politicians could
understand such a tiebreaker.
The above is prompted by Mr. Ossipoff's recent postings about Approval on the
ER list.

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