Voting on amendments

Sun Jan 4 14:15:30 PST 1998

One way to look at the amendment problem on a given subject is to regard
every combination of consistent amendments as a separate issue (equal to
separate candidates in a candidate election).   To limit the number of
amendments to some reasonable number some minimum percentage of the
legislators would have to show a desire for an issue (such as 30 percent)
(equivalent to a nominating petition for candidates).

How many issues can get a yes majority approval ?

The Condorcet method would then do the head to head pairings of all of such
majority approved issues.    If one issue beats each other, then it should be

If there is not a single beats-all winner with 3 or more majority approved
issues (as may be likely),  then I suggest that the majority approved issue
with the lowest number of first choices should lose.  The head to head math
would be redone.    Repeat the cycle until there is a single winner.

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