Condorect sub-cycle rule

David Marsay djmarsay at
Fri Oct 17 02:21:43 PDT 1997

Thanks, Markus.

Here's a quote for you,
taken from I. McLean and F. Hewitt Condorcet 
Edward Elgar, 1994. (Recommended!)

"This is exactly the same procedure as that followed by any individual
who wants to make a considered choice by using a general, 
regular method which applies to all situations. Since there is only 
one way of obtaining a true decision, the procedures used by a 
deliberative assembly should generally be as close as possible to 
those used when an individual examines a question for himself. 

This principle can have other important implications. In this
case, it allows us to develop an election method which is
reasonably natural and as perfect as the nature of things
permit." On elections, 1973.

I would like to think that he was right, but at least a more 
accessible description is required. Condorcet himself gave many (see 
Condorcet texts) that I am still working my way through, gradually.

I have my own ideas on supporting the method (some described 
in earlier postings) and am building a collection. The fact that 
Dodgson and Kemeney independently came up with the same or very 
similar methods lends some credence to Condorcet's claim of 
naturality, but none of them was able to convince their peers.

Dave Marsay
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