Condorect sub-cycle rule

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>100 voters, 6 options (I don't want to know about examples with more
>BCDFEA    25 
>CDFEAB    24 
>Unless we can find some way making Condorcet acceptable, the details 
>are of purely academic interest.

Consider two voters who each rank the candidates ADCB.  One voter likes A
(acceptable) and considers DCB all unacceptable to varying degrees.  The
other voter considers B totally unacceptable but the others are all OK - some
better than others.

It would be ludicrous to say that both voters have the "same" opinion.  Yet
this is exactly how they are lumped together in all discussions of this sort.

Any discussion about the "right" outcome, which is missing such basic
information as to which candidates are liked and disliked by a given voter,
can go round and round but will never reach a satisfactory resolution.  Once
the basic information is lost, there is no way to reach a reasonable
assessment about any outcome at all.

Mike S

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