FAQ Candidate (Re: [ER] Methods versus Selling)

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Tue Feb 18 01:40:23 PST 1997

John De Lasaux asked:
So, how do we "sell" the "appropriate methods" (more than one!!) to the
The total danger of the present system must be noted.

For legislative bodies, there is roughly 25-30 percent indirect minority rule
due to the use of the gerrymander in having single member districts (just
over half the votes in just over half the districts in most cases).
For most elections, the use of plurality nominations (in 40 of 50 states)
produces extremist candidates.

I agree of course that that there is a major problem with the
it-cannot-be-changed idea in the minds of lots of folks. 

In my opinion due to the number of diversions (TV, computer games, videos,
etc. etc.) the population is getting dumb and dumber with each passing day
which is what demagogues and wantabee tyrants find very interesting.

However, I note that the 15th, 19th and 26th Amendments did happen (giving
the right to vote for blacks, women and 18 year olds respectively) despite
long standing opposition.

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