Still Vote Yes on the Orgeon Initiative

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Thu Feb 27 02:41:57 PST 1997

Dear list members,

     I still say "Vote Yes" to the people of Oregon. But there is a change
in the game plan. Jack corrected me on a point: Jack said: "No one else
will be printed on the ballot unless ALL the primary candidates listed on
the Primary Ballot fail to qualify for the General Election Ballot."

     So now the new plan is to make sure that ALL the primary candidates
fail to qualify. This can be done. All the real and serious contending
candidates should still stay out of the primary. Each party and intrest
group shall enter into the primary a fall guy candidate, whose job is to
fail in the primary. His solgan could be: "Vote No for Me - and while you
are at it - Vote No for everyone else in the primary - Thank You and God

     The duty of the party regulars will be to get out the voters - march
them to the polls and make sure they all vote No for any and all
candidates. Then - with no qualifing candidates the real candidates can
enter the general election.

     I am for it - it is an around about way but it is an improvement - may
even be called election reform.

     M O R E   P O W E R   T O   Y O U   J A C K   A N D   T O   O R E G O N


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