Demorep1's SW method 2/22/97

Sat Feb 22 21:18:45 PST 1997

Pursuant to my Half votes posting, I now suggest---

For single winner executive or judicial offices-

1. The voters may vote yes or no on each candidate and may numerically rank
them (1, 2, 3, etc.).

2. (a)  If a voter does not vote yes or no on a candidate, then the candidate
shall get a 0.5 yes vote and a 0.5 no vote. 
(b) If no candidate gets a yes majority of all the votes cast, then the
legislative body fills the vacancy.
(c) If a candidate does not get a yes majority of all the votes cast, then
he/she loses.
(d) If only 1 candidate gets a a yes majority of all the votes cast, then
he/she wins.
(e) If 2 or more candidates get a yes majority of all the votes cast, then
head to head pairings are done using the numerical rankings.
(f) If a voter does not make a ranking between 2 candidates, then each
candidate shall receive 0.5 vote in their pairing.

3. (a) If 1 candidate beats each other candidate (or remaining candidate) in
his/her pairings, then he/she wins.
(b) If a candidate is beat in all of his/her pairings, then he/she loses.
 Repeat with the remaining candidates.
(c) If 3 or more candidates are tied for first and they each beat other
candidates, then such other candidates lose.

B, D and F are tied for first,
each beats X, Y and Z who are tied for fourth
X, Y and Z would each lose.]

4. (a) If a candidates loses, then the numerical rankings of the remaining
candidates move up on the ballots.
Example- A "2" vote becomes a "1" vote.
(b) If 3 or more remaining candidates are tied, then the candidate with the
lowest number of first choice votes loses.
(c) Redo step 3 with the remaining candidates.

5. If ties otherwise occur, then use a lottery.
Attention- Step 4 only takes effect if step 3 does not produce a winner. 

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