To FAQ or not to FAQ? - What is the Problem?

New Democracy donald at
Fri Feb 21 06:57:10 PST 1997

Dear List members,

     I would like to understand what is being discussed.

     What is the problem that you are trying solve?

     What are some of the questions that need answers?

     Are you going to vote on the questions or merely vote on the answers?

     Will this include a Dictionary of Terms?

     A dictionary is something I need. Terms unknown to me come across this
list so often that half the time I cannot figure out what a person is
taking about - I usually delete about then - asking the writer is no help -
they take it as an insult - how dare you not know what I am talking about.

     A Dictionary of Terms is something that I would be willing to put on
my web site. The link would be on the Front Page so that a person could go
directly to the dictionary. If there were two or more expainations for the
same term, I would list them all with each author's name - I do not want
the blame.

     If this was done there would be a need of a way to direct people to
the dictionary. Would you be willing to add somewhere on your letter a line
that told where to find the dictionary?

     I am wary of including questions and answers because I fear several
long rambling answers to each question.

     At this time I am willing to go with a Dictionary of Terms and then
maybe add some question that have short answers - in other words - let us
see how it goes - of course anyone else is free to put FAQs on their web
site - nothing wrong with having more than one site - that is how
dictatorial becomes non-dictatorial - for those of you that fear the word

    I am willing to post to the list but a better quality copy can be
printed from a web site. Notices of additions to the dictionary should be

    Links could be put in the dictionary but links lose their value in a
printed copy.

Anyway - yours,

Donald Eric Davison of New Democracy at

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