How to non-dictatorially generate a FAQ

Saari at Saari at
Thu Feb 20 01:15:14 PST 1997

I would enjoy seeing a FAQ list generated by this group.  However, I would
much rather see it generated by the entire group rather than autocratically.

Based on my previous work, I believe it is possible to create a
non-autocratic group decision system with NO ONE in a position of extra
power!  Forget Robert's Rules, and forget the conventional wisdom which calls
for a "chairperson".

I propose the list-owner DECLARE (by fiat) the rudiments of a voting system,
a) Any member can propose an addition to the FAQ, or a change to the FAQ, or
any other proposal, at any time.
b) All proposals, as written, are voted on directly by the members.  Valid
votes include "support", "oppose", and "neither".
c) The list-owner specifies the initial "passing requirement" for all
proposals (which can be changed later by the group if desired).  I strongly
urge a simple "ratio threshold" which measures the ratio of support votes to
oppose votes, so that "neither" votes in fact neither support nor impede

The starting ratio threshold might be anywhere between 1:1 (simple majority)
and 20:1 (consensus).  Based on previous experience, I suggest 3:1 as a good
starting compromise value.  Whatever is initially chosen, we can always
change it later...

That's it!  The above 3 rules are enough for us to start making decisions as
a group!

(Additional details, such as "required minimum poll durations", vote-counting
structure, etc. will need to be added - but the group can vote directly on
these.  I have some workable starting proposals.)

As to the contents of the FAQ, I have some ideas as well.  But I will save
them until we have a mechanism in place to take action.

Shall we proceed?  Comments?

Mike S

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