Condorcet books

Sun Feb 2 21:02:51 PST 1997

Theory of Committees and Elections by Duncan Black (1958) was reprinted in
1986 (ISBN 0-89838-189-4     $49.50) by 
Kluwer Academic Pubs.
P.O. Box 358
Accord Sta.
Hingham, MA   02018-0358

Part II of the book (pp. 156-188 is entitled- History of the Mathematical
Theory of Committees and Elections (excluding Proportional Representation).
 Pages 159-180 has Black's interpretation of Condorcet's method.
Condorcet, Selected Writings edited by Keith Michael Baker (1976) (paperback)
ISBN 0-672-60381-0   $12.81
MacMillan Pub. Co.
200 Old Tappan Rd.
Old Tappan, NJ   07675

Mr. Baker translates Condorcet's various works into English.  Pages 32 et seq
has Condorcet's Essay on the Application of Mathematics to the Theory of
Decision-Making (1785).  Pages 53-57 and 61-62 has Condorcet's comments about
what is now called Condorcet circular ties (Condorcet called such ties
Of interest also in Baker's book is Condorcet's proposal for a representative
constitution before the French Revolutionary Convention.   However, the
Convention factions went crazy (the Terror) and ended up with Napoleon and a
restored reactionary monarchy in 1815.   Condorcet died in 1794 in prison as
one of the many  victims of the Terror.
When time allows I will post some of Black's comments and Baker's translation
relating to circular ties.

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