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Dear list members,

MikeS wrote: > Perhaps some voters can only think clearly about their
>top choice - others of us like to think about all of the candidates.

Don writes: Voters that have a top choice have thought about other
candidates - that is how they selected a top choice.

MikeS wrote:>
>Here's a puzzle question.  Assume you are voting on which movie to go see
>with 2 other friends.  There are a dozen choices.  You are allowed to vote
>support, oppose or neither on each one, or fractional votes - simple addition
>is used to decide the winner.  If no choice gets more support than opposition
>then no movie at all will be seen.  6 of the 12 movies (A,B,C,D,E,F) appear
>likeable to you - and A looks like the best overall.  2 (G,H) look so-so, and
>4 (I,J,K,L) you consider unwatchable to varying degrees.
>Leaving aside the question of whether this is a sensible method or not, I
>simply ask what voting "strategy" would you use if these were in fact the
>I am curious in particular if the two previous commenters would still follow
>the strategy which they claim is the only "savvy" one.

Donald Writes: Here is the method that I would follow to find a movie that
is acceptable to all of us three:
     First: Everyone makes a list of the movies that are acceptable to them
- if only one movie appears on all three lists then that movie is the one
to go see for this group of three.
     Second: In the event that there is more or less than one movie on all
lists then I claim that Preference Run-off will give the correct solution.
Approval Voting will not satisfy the desires of the three in regard to
their individual choice of the best overall movie.

     If six movies appear likeable to me then it follows that there should
be a number of movies that appear likeable to the other two persons. I am
sure that there will be at least one movie that is likeable to all three of
us. Anyway I am not stuck with this movie for two or four years - I can go
see my best overall movie next week.

     I claim that Preference Run-off is able to meet the desires of the
Approval Voting people. For those who feel that three out of five
candidates are acceptable you can vote for these three in a Preference
Run-off election and your vote will end up on the highest candidate of the
three - your wishes have been met. I see no problem with Preference Run-off
for Approval Voting people.

     An additional thing you can do is to vote for your three in reverse
order of how they stand in the polls just before election day. In this way
you give all three a crack at your vote.

     There is no need for Approval Voting - Preference Run-off should
satisfy both groups of people.

     Another point: Preference Run-off contains a "rated voting system".
Each voter rates all the candidates with different value amounts - that is
how each voter is able to come up with their order of preferences for the
candidates. These ratings are part of the total system of Preference


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