We will serve no wine before its time

Mike Ossipoff dfb at bbs.cruzio.com
Fri Nov 29 01:46:10 PST 1996

donald at mich.com writes:
> Dear Methods List,
> Steve wrote: >Ignoring preferences and not ignoring preferences are the two
> possible choices.
> Run-off's answer: We will use no preference before its time.

And who decides when it's time to count a preference that someonee
expresses? Right away is the time. By what right do you decide to
wait before counting a preference, when doing so changes the
election result by eliminating the compromise that someone hoped
would beat a last choice?

No, Don, you're still being funny with us. You've arbitrarily chosen
a slogan from a tv commercial, something that is completely
irrelevant to this topic. To relate that slogan to this topic
you'd have to show that the counting of some preferences should
be delayed. You can't do that, and you were joking again. I have
to admit that I don't understand why you haven't been dropped
from this list, so that you can take your comedy act somewhere 
else where it will be more in keeping with some group's purpose.


> Donald,
> .-


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