All Proposals May be Jokes

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Thu Nov 14 19:46:41 PST 1996

Excuse me, but I'd like to set the record straight about something:
Don did take the IRO vs Condorcet debate to ER, though I'd thought
we'd agreed that ER wasn't the placae for debates on methods.

But it's more than that. No doubt a number of people unsubscribed
due to Don's repeated & tiresome attempts at humor.  No one on these
lists wants to hear from someone who is here as a joke. Garbage
dumping. Don, couldn't you find an audience for your comedic
attempts on one of the newsgroups or mailing lists or chat lines
devoted to humor? Or are you afraid that the quality of your
humor isn't good enough for a humor mailing list or newsgroup?
In any case, you took a wrong turn when you found your way here.
Who can blame those people who unsubscribed?

But when Don recently said that all electoral method proposals
are jokes, and that none of them have any justification, that
confirms an explanation for Don's postings: If he believes that
any ass can post whatever careless & sloppy crap he wants to,
and that it's just as valid as anything else, and that it's
all just a joke anyway, and that therefore nothing is unacceptably
asinine--that would go a long way toward explaining Don's

As Steve pointed out, we don't have unlimited time, and we don't
really have time for someone who is here as a joke. How about
taking your act on the road, and visiting the humor newsgroups?




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