Approval vs IRO

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Thu Nov 14 14:26:00 PST 1996

I recongnize that we might not all agree on which is worse: IRO
or Approval. 

Both IRO & Approval fall short of what we would like, but in completely
different ways. For that reason, it's reasonable that everyone isn't
necessarily going to agree on which is worse.

In my "Approval vs IRO" letter, I was just telling why _I_ consider
IRO worse than Approval, _based on the things that I judge by_.

I don't want to give the impression of getting militant about
which is the worse of 2 methods neither of which are favored by
electoral reformers who have taken a serious look at single-winner
methods. I don't want to offend people over that issue, when there are
more important things to fight for, like convincing the large 
electoral organizations that there's something better than IRO.
(And that Condorcet's method can't be beaten when it comes to
principles, standards & criteria relating to majority rule &
the desire to not force people to vote insincerely).

Mike Ossipoff


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