Nonpartisan offices?

Tue Nov 12 23:35:41 PST 1996

Demorep wrote:
>Once again any SW reform should be nonpartisan (and leave the
>partisan rhetoric to legislative bodies elected with P.R.). 
Mr. Eppley wrote:
How can a law requiring nonpartisanship have any teeth?  If the office-holder
will have any significant policy-making power, I think the reality is that it
can't be kept nonpartisan.
Demorep1- The obvious remedy is not to have executive officers have any
policy-making power whatsoever.  

Anybody see the PBS show about the 1914 monarchies in Europe having
legislative powers to get their countries involved in WWI ? See Art. I, Sec.
8 of the U.S. Constitution (especially cl. 11).  

Quick fixes of having a government structure wherein supposedly "good" and
"strong" executive leaders have legislative powers always sooner or later
produces killer tyrants (either at home or abroad or both). The "Leader"
Hitler in Jan. 1933 became something else when given dictatorial legislative
powers in Mar. 1933.  History can repeat itself.

Historical note- Mr. H. was chosen Leader of the Nazi Party in 1923 by a 1
vote margin.  Not sure if plurality or a run off was used.

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