Majority Support?

Fri Nov 8 21:58:33 PST 1996

Mr. Ossipoff wrote--
Demorep, you were asked for an example where Condorcet or
Smith//Condorcet, without the y/n vote, would elect a majority- disapaproved
alternative, other than in a situation where everything is abyssmally
unpopular anyway. You didn't do so, so you're admitting that you can't find
such an example, right? I don't blame you for admitting that.

Demorep 1-
Mr. Ossipoff assumes that the "other than" situation can not happen. 

The Titantic folk thought that the Titantic was unsinkable "other than" the
"abyssmally unpopular" case of having the ship hit an iceberg and fill up
with water and sink.

As I have said before, it is unacceptable to raise the possibility of a
minority rule percentage from simple plurality (such as 35 percent) to a
somewhat higher percent (such as 45 percent due to additional choices from
the voters who support some other third candidate as their first choice).
Mr. Ossipoff wrote--
But I hope you've caught on to the fact that no one is opposing
the idea of a y/n vote, with disqualification of anyone getting
"n" from a majority.
Demorep1- I do not see such comment in the SW report sent to the ER list. If
such disqualification is vital, then it belongs in an amended SW report.

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