Condorcet elects Hitler??

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Fri Nov 8 13:13:33 PST 1996

Demorep said:

"It was not IRO electing Hitler in the 35,33,32 example. It was
plain Condorcet electing Hitler."

Yes, when each alternative has a majority against it, how could
any method that chooses one of the candidates do other than choose
one with a majority against him.

If your point is that it reveals a fault of Condorcet's method
that it chooses someone with a majority against him when everyone
has a majority against him, then what you're saying is asinine.

If your point is that it would be good to add a y/n vote &
disqualify anyone who gets "n" from a majority, then no one's
arguing with you.

But, as has been repeatedly pointed out to you, there wouldn't
be an election anything like the one you describe, where everyone
is majority-rejected.

As I said, though, just on the chance that that happened, when
using the added y/n vote, it would be better to merely limit
the winner's term or hold another election very soon, rather
than to just not have a President. Otherwise, one of the 
gentlemen in your example would surely take over.



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