Condorcet in the U.K./U.S.

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Fri Nov 8 10:35:45 PST 1996

Correct: The Democrat & Republican parties are nothing but a
version of the "good-guy, bad-guy" racket, where the Democrat
can only be made to look like a good guy by having a bad guy
to make him look good. The LO2E dilemma is very much part of
what's needed to hold that scam together, and the media constantly
tell us what our "2 choices" are. Not only was Nader unmentioned on
network tv coverage during the campaign, but I couldn't find any
newspaper or election returns web site that even mentioned Nader's
national vote total.

p.s. Does anyone know how many votes Nader got, either in terms
of absolute number, or as a percentage of the total?

The exclusion of Nader's vote total from the reporting brought
out especially well the dishonesty & illegitimacy of the media
& the overall election & information setup. Forbidden information.

If someone claims that Nader isn't mentioned in the campaign coverage
because he can't win, and wasn't included in the election returns
because he got so few votes, one can answer that those could be
reasons why Nader or someone like him can't get many votes.

A candidate, regardless of the tv networks' judgement of 
that candidate, should get airtime in proportion to some 
measure of public support.

That measure of public support could be:

1. Votes in previous election.
2. Signatures on a petition.
3. Membership in a particular party or organization
4. A special election held before the main election, for the
   purpose of measuring support, to allocate airtime in the
   main election.

There's no excuse for the media to have the power to make the
judgement of who should & shouldn't get airtime.



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