No More Replies to Don from Me.

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Sat Nov 30 14:48:00 PST 1996

I'd like to announce that I'm not going to be replying to anything
by Don anymore. In fact, due to Don, I'm going to make my 1st use of
the "kill file", if that will prevent Don's messages from appearing
in my e-mail index.

So, in the future, whatever entirely ignorant or silly claims
come from Don, whatever claimed "refutations" he posts, etc., he
won't be answered by me. I emphasize that the fact that I don't
answer a claim or "refutation" from Don must not be interpreted
as meaning that he's said something that can't be refuted or
answered. It's just that answering him is a waste of time. I've
wasted far too much time in that way already. Since his messages
won't appear in my index, the fact that I don't answer does not
mean that he's right, no matter how strong a claim he might be

Most likely everyone in EM is also in ER, but, just to be sure,
I'm posting this message separately on EM. Excuse me if that
means that you get 2 copies of this message. 


Though I wasn't going to reply to anything from Don, I should
still comment on his forwarded newsgroup posting by James
Ogle, about the USA PAR. This doesn't count as a reply to
Don, since he didn't write that newsgroup posting.

James Ogle has been promoting his USA Parliament for a long time.
He's thoroughly resented in the newsgroups because of spamming
about it, and making false statements. Ogle was voted "Usenet
Kook of the Year". Imagine someone like Don on the newsgroups,
and you'll get the idea.

The USA Parliament, or USA PAR, is a paper organization, which
has always consisted pretty much of just James Ogle. The
word "fraudulent" has been used a lot in reference to USA PAR,
and it isn't too strong a word.


I suggest that that forwardings from newsgroups, the garbage-can
of the Internet, should be discouraged, unless they relate
directly to ER's or EM's topic. Even then, the forwarder should
be responsible for not forwarding garbage, assuming that he
knows the difference. In Don's case, I guess he must be forgiven.
because it's well established by now that he doesn't know the


Mike Ossipoff


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