3 Candidate Condorcet Simulations- E 2 results

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Thu Nov 28 18:40:38 PST 1996

Mr. Eppley wrote:
If it doesn't take much time, how about doing these 3-candidate random
2. Every voter ranks all 3 candidates.  Some voters rank two
candidates as equal second choices (e.g., A > B=C) and the rest of the voters
have no equal rankings.  (There are 9 possible orderings.)
D- did 40 simulations. Results-
36 Condorcet winners, 3 circular ties, 1 with 2 different winners and tie
votes for remaining pairing.
Average winning percent- 58.7 (range 50.1 to 74.6)
33.0 percent of voters voted a A>B=C type vote (range 17.9 to 50.9 percent of
67.0 percent voted a ABC type vote (range 49.1 to 82.1 percent of voters
(reverse of the other range since the vote for 2 option is not in this
Such 33-67 split is highly suspect for a real election.

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