Mitigations Contd.

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Sat Nov 23 14:11:11 PST 1996

I should add that, in a Re-Voting-By-Favorite-Count-Rule election,
a person could, of course choose Criterion-Mitigated-IRO, or
Criterion-Mitigated-Plurality as their favorite methodd in the
1st count.

And there could be a 4th option, though now the list of options
is starting to get to long & complicated: A voter could indicate
that hir ranking will remain as-is, except that any pair-beaten
alternative shall be dropped from it unless every alternative is
pair-beaten, and that any majority-rejected alternative shall be
dropped from it unless every alternaitve is majority-rejected.

Maybe one way, perhaps the simplest way, to present that option
would be to present it as one of the possible methods to indicate
as one's favorite, a method whose only rule is that those
pair-beaten or majority-rejected alternatives are its losers. And
this "method" would be combined with the 2nd option, that of
dropping everything but the winner (in this case, the winners)
from your ranking. No, maybe it would be simpler to offer that
as a separate 4th option, if at all.



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