Are you unaware or unashamed?

donald at donald at
Fri Nov 22 02:43:52 PST 1996

Dear List,

     On Tue 19 Now 1996 the following appeared in one of Steve's many messages.

Donald:>> Is not head to head pairing the same as Condorcet? I am confused.

Steve: > You'll find that Condorcet's method is a pairwise method.

Donald: Yes - I know Steve - I was being coy - I see now that coy will not do.

Donald: A picture was developing - a picture that carried a message. That
message was that Condorcet means were being used to prove a claim of the
Condorcet people. I was holding back - waiting to see if any of you
Condorcet persons would see the conflict of interest in using Condorcet to
prove Condorcet's validity - it was not to be - the message went over
everyone's head. You Condorcet followers are either unaware or unashamed of
this obvious conflict.

Donald: I find this amazing.

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