Third Candidates

Tue Nov 19 19:06:43 PST 1996

The three possibilities about adding a third (or additional) candidate in
head to head pairings.

Assume A > Z (somewhere between 99 to 1 or 51 to 49) (i.e. having a majority
Candidate M is added.

3 possibilities (ignoring ties) ---
1. A > M,  A continues to win

2. M > A and M > Z, M wins
Is this possibility more likely when A beats Z badly (such as A 70 to Z 30) ?

3. M > A but Z > M, circular tie.
Is this possibility more likely when A barely beats Z (such as A 52 to Z 48)

The general case remains with A being a majority and Z being a minority.
Adding one or more candidates either does or does not divide the majority. 

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