Condorcet pairs on the ballot

donald at donald at
Sun Nov 17 03:21:45 PST 1996

Dear Condoret people,

I have a very good suggestion on how to improve the pairing in Condorcet

I suggest that we put the pairs on the ballot instead of constructing the
pairs after the election. For example - the ballot could look something
like the following for four canaditates:

       |   A[]   |   A[]   |   A[]   |   B[]   |   B[]   |   C[]   |
       |   B[]   |   C[]   |   D[]   |   C[]   |   D[]   |   D[]   |
       |  Vote   |  Vote   |  Vote   |  Vote   |  Vote   |  Vote   |
       | for one | for one | for one | for one | for one | for one |

The first advantage of doing the pairs on the ballot is that we do not have
to deal with the many combinations of Vote-Sums. A four candidate election
would have as many as sixty-four combinations - two hundred for a five
candidate race. But, by putting the pairs on the ballot the pairing results
are given directly without dealing with any combinations of Vote-Sums.

The second advantage is that this way is more honest because the voters
would be actually comparing the candidates one to one instead of merely
indicating second choices.

Third: If the people vote for the pairs directly maybe we will have fewer
circular ties. Some of you have blamed the voters for circular ties, I do
not know if this is true, but this way the voters may show more
responsibility. We may be able to get the ties down below fifty percent.


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