Majority Support?

Tue Nov 5 15:16:03 PST 1996

If it would make Mr. Eppley happy, then just delete "3. Instant Run-Off
(a.k.a. MPV)" in the 7-8-96 response since he chooses to ignore 1. and 2. in
such posting.

Such 3. was a very weak 3 (on a 100 to 0 point scale, about a 1 with simple
plurality being zero).

I note that any second or later choices (no matter how weak) that may be made
by anyone at anytime on this list are now apparently suspect notwithstanding
any qualifying statements or later developments. 

I note that any choice in addition to a first choice is "inconsistent" with
such first choice.

Thank heaven for secret ballots in public elections.

This is all very cute but nonproductive in getting some SW reform enacted.

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