Consequences of those basic principles

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Fri Jul 26 01:23:19 PDT 1996

The 1st of those basic democratic principles that I listed, 
has been called the Majority Criterion, or the Majority Winner

The 2nd of those principles, when we avoid unnecessarlly violating
it, results in the Condorcet Criterion.

The 3rd of those principles, when we avoid unnecessarily violating
it, results in GMC, the Generalized Majority Criterion.

The Majority Criterion is met by all of the methods proposed
in our discussions, since Borda hasn't been proposed here.

The Condorcet Criterion is met by Condorcet, Smith//Condorcet,
Regular-Champion, & Smith//Random. It's pretty easy to meet,
even though IRO doesn't meet it.

GMC is met only by Condorcet & Smith//Condorcet.



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