Election method articles and books

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Some articles and books on election methods---
Condorcet's Theory of Voting by H.P. Young (American Political Science
Review, Vol. 82, No. 4, P. 1231 (Dec. 1988))

Manipulation of Voting Schemes: A General Result by Allan Gibbard
(Econometrica, Vol. 41, No. 4, P. 587 (July, 1973))

The following in Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 9, No. 1, Winter 1995
(the whole issue in about election methods)--
P. 3---An Introduction to Vote-Counting Schemes by Jonathan Levin and Barry
P. 27-- The Single Transferable Vote by Nicolaus Tideman
P. 39-- Approval Voting by Robert J. Weber
P. 51-- Optimal Voting Rules by Peyton Young 
Each article has a bibliography of mainly more recent works.

Books/Monographs  (Library of Congress code in my local university library
follows date)-----

Committees, Agendas, and Voting by Nicolas R. Miller (especially the
bibliography at p. 143) (1995) HB 846.8 .M54  1995

Making Multicandidate Elections More Democratic by Samuel Merrill, III
(especially the glossary at p. 133 and the bibliography at p. 139) (1988) JF
1001.M47  1988   (I recommend this book as a starting book for single winner

Geometry of Voting by Donald G. Saari (1994) JF 1001.S23  1994

Comparing Voting Systems by Hannu Nurmi (1987) JA 74. N86   1987

Electoral Systems by Andrew Reeve (1992)   JF 1001.R38 1992

Voting Procedures by Michael Dummett (1984) JF 1001. D86 1984

Topics in Social Choice by Dan S. Felsenthal (1990) JF 1001.F45  (1990)

Advances in the Spatial Theory of Voting edited by James M. Enelow and Melvin
J. Hinich  (1990) JF 1001. A26  1990

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