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Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Mon Jul 15 00:32:47 PDT 1996

True, MPV is maybe just a U.S. name for the method that is also
known as Hare's method, the Alternative Vote, Instant Runoff, 
Preferential Voting, & the Elimination method.

Some Alternative Vote proponents have begun calling it 
Instant-Runoff now, instead of MPV. I like that change, because
the word "majority" in Majority Preferential Voting always
sounded to me like fraudulent labeling, for a method that
violates majority rule as easily as that method does.

But to answer the question: The Instant-Runoff version 
being offered by IRO (Instant-Runoff) proponents on these
lists doesn't require complete rankings. Truncation is
permitted, which is a good thing for any rank-balloting
election, since voters should be able to express as many
or as few preferences as they want to. With lots of candidates,
someone might be in a hurry, or he/she might not have preferences
among many of them, or not strong preferences, perhaps partly
due to now knowing about many candidates. Also, people might
refuse to rank someone on principle, or to make a statement.

All of the rank-balloting methods proposed on these lists
would allow voters to rank as few alternatives as they want to.

Mike Ossipoff


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