minor clarification re: falsification

Mike Ossipoff dfb at bbs.cruzio.com
Fri Jul 12 02:53:24 PDT 1996

In my previous letter I said that deterrence against falsification
is taken away by compulsory contrary half-votes. But if we're
talking about letting the voter have a choice about whether 
his ballot will be falsified, then the deterrence is still there.

In that case, it's true what I said: Contrary to your claim,
the Dole voter could get a worse result, in  terms of his
preferences, by having his ballot falsified as you proposed
than he would otherwise get. That's because, as I said,
the falsification can have the effect of order-reversal--
it does include half of a reversed vote--and order-reversal
tends to backfire badly in Condorcet--if voters are permitted
to not have their ballots falsified.



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