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Sun Feb 25 21:04:09 PST 1996

Multiple Same Choices (MSC) is a voting method that merges parts of Approval,
Condorcet and NOTA for single or multiple executive and judicial offices.

A voter could vote 0, 1, 2, etc. for more than 1 candidate.

Why permit a voter to cast the same numerical vote (0, 1, 2 etc.) more than
once ?

Answer. In a single winner case, a voter may (a) equally approve 2 or more
candidates for the office at a given choice level (first, second, etc.)
and/or (b) not want his/her second (or later) choice vote(s) to help elect a
person who he/she regards as an extremist (and may only "strategically" vote
for such an extremist to offset some other voter's vote for some even worse
The voter thus has maximum choices of his/her choosing.

A   2
B   3
C   1
D   2
E   1
F   0
G   2
H   1
I    0
J    2

or arranging in number order--

F  0
I   0
C  1
E  1
H  1
A  2
D  2
G  2
J  2
B  3

Extreme cases would be voting 0 (disapprove all- same as NOTA) or 1 (approve
all) for all candidates.

The "1" votes would be totalled for all candidates.

If there is no majority winner or two or more majority winners, then
Condorcet pair comparisons could be done as follows.

TW = Test Winner, TL = Test Loser, TOL = Test Other Losers, NT =  Not
Transferred, V = Voter

If a voter voted at a level (1, 2, etc.) for TW and/or TL, then the votes for
TW and/or TL at such level would count for TW and/or TL and the ballot stops.
Otherwise the ballot continues to the next lower level (as when a voter voted
his/her first choices for one or more TOL only). Due to the "if" condition
computers would generally be needed to do the math.

First Choice(s)
                   TW          TL        NT      TOL1        TOL2
V1                              1                       1
V2                1            1                                      1
V3                                                                      1


The ballots of V3  and V4 would go to the second choice level. If there is a
"2" vote on the ballots or V3 and/or V4 for TW and/or TL the ballot would
stop. Otherwise the ballot would go to the third choice level and so forth.

The above also applies if 2 or more executive or judicial officers are being
elected (i.e. 2 or more test winners in any Condorcet tests).

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