[EM] CVD home page

Ed Still 72477.260 at compuserve.com
Sat Feb 24 15:33:10 PST 1996

Rob, you asked in "What is PR?" whether I was in charge of the CV&D home page.

Steve Hill has the secret key to the main CV&D home page on IGC.  I handle 
the subsidiary page on Compuserve (part of my own home page set up).  It 
consists of mainly the full text of any PR statutes I can get clean enough 
copies to scan (or else my poor secretary has to type all this stuff).

I have just added a new wrinkle to the New South Wales page.  I have put the  
ASCII text in a ZIP file so folks can download that.  

First, do you think that will be useful?  

Second, is ASCII/ZIP the way to go?  A full text would take up about 4 times 
as much space, but do most folks have a unZIPper?  I could add a link to 
download a freeware unZIPper. 

Third, does the link work OK for you?  Please download and check -- and let 
me know yes or no.

Ed Still

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